Indonesia Food Festival




Great mood with great food!

Get the best of both worlds, the bustling city of Jakarta and the serene beauty of Yogyakarta! Give your taste-buds an Asian lift with the Indonesian Food Festival at ThaiChi, Hyatt Amritsar.

Pamper yourself with a perfect treat of aroma and tastes with authentic smorgasbord of flavour & spices, present in traditional Indonesian food and let your soul blend culture and modernity!

From 10th to 31st March 2017

07:00 pm till 11:30 pm at ThaiChi


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About ThaiChi

Best Chinese fine dining restaurant in Amritsar

January 2017 promotion ThaiChi

“Using the freshest ingredients, ThaiChi,sends diners on a journey to the Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Canton, as well as the colourful shores of Thailand.

Delight in contemporary yet traditional surroundings of a charming Thai Salas or Chinese Pavilion, adding to the finest dining experience in Amritsar.
Showcasing the flavours, richness and aromas of authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine prepared by the finest chefs to create a delicious blend of choice. “