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Beat weekday blues with a scrumptious buffet spread during lunchtime at Tinello.

Get a delectable lunch at Rs 800/- (inclusive of taxes)

Monday-Friday | 12.30pm to 3pm
Call: +91-7574826678


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About Tinello

Tinello translated as ‘Living Room’ in Italian, is a specialty restaurant that takes you on a journey into the culinary secrets, fragrances and flavours of traditional Italian cuisine.

Tinello,  is the best Italian restaurant at Ashram Road, is an exciting and lively place where things happen, as well as a place to relax and have an outstanding meal coupled with excellent service. The restaurant’s seasonally changing menu is unique with an emphasis on home-style cooking and presentation. Lunch and dinner menus feature an authentic selection of antipasti, risotto, fresh pizzas, pastas and not to be missed desserts. The highlight of the restaurant is the dramatic open kitchen where the sights and smells of robust Italian cooking invades and captures all three senses.