New Menu at China House Restaurant


Introducing an exciting new menu at China House Restaurant.

Curated by Chef Xiang Bin Li, the Master of Wok, and Chef Zhang Yajun, the Dim Sum Master, and their teams – this spectacular culinary menu will truly delight you with the finest ingredients and delectable Sichuanese flavours.


  • The Signature Peking Duck is a royal delicacy at China House Restaurant
  • Enjoy a variety of Dim Sum

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About China House Restaurant

Designed to exude the warmth of a typical Chinese home, China House Restaurant, the best Chinese restaurant in Mumbai offers casual dining with a modern approach. China House offers delectable signature dishes such as Beggar’s Chicken, hand-pulled Dan Dan noodles, Peking Duck, Black pepper king crab, Steamed crystal prawn dumplings; that are complemented by an exhaustive list of delectable wines and a host of mouth-watering desserts to cleanse the palate. The China House Restaurant design integrates interactive glass show kitchens into a multiple-seating layout with table booths and lounge.