Go Peruvian at Palms with the new and exciting Ceviche Menu serving up premium fish and seafood, marinated in freshly squeezed citrus juices and spiced with different ingredients and flavours.


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About Palms

Offering the best seafood and grills this beachfront specialty restaurant in Cansaulim is known for serving up gamut of delicacies from the sea, from appetizers, salads, a choice of succulent burgers and sandwiches, grills, tapas and ceviche. Set with multi-elevated deck-spheres, the décor is rustic and minimalist while capturing the essence of the picturesque tropical surroundings and the spectacular view of the pristine shores of Arossim beach. It offers the perfect setting for a relaxed afternoon brunch or a beachside wedding.

Using fresh and wholesome vegetables and delicate seafood and meats, the cuisine is a fine balance of indulgent flavors and simplistic cooking. Located on the pristine Arossim beach shore, are three Cabanas that are built like deluxe beach shacks with wooden flooring, a thatched roof and elegant, intimate interiors. At night, the calming echo of the waves and the glittering evening sky make the perfect setting for a romantic candlelit dinner.
Palms and the Cabanas are operational during the non-monsoon months of the year.