Strawberry Market@Gourmet Avenue



Gourmet Avenue is depicting colour of love, red throughout the  month of February with the Strawberry Market promotion. Add some sweetness to your life with decadent strawberry based desserts curated for the occasion, because these might be just the perfect way to say those special words to your extra special one. Relish absolute rich and delectable strawberry chocolate hearts, classic strawberry cream symphony, strawberry tartlets, pralines and many more.



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About Gourmet Avenue

Conveniently situated in the extended lobby, Gourmet Avenue is one of the finest bakeries in Pune featuring a delectable array of freshly baked goods such as croissants, cakes, pastries, quiches and light savories.

Relish on a variety of cold sandwiches as you sip on some freshly brewed coffee or tea or treat your loved ones to rich homemade chocolates and miniature confectioneries.

Gourmet Avenue is the perfect place for some sweet indulgence to be enjoyed at leisure.

Add the evening traditional English Hi tea, with all time favorite scones.