Verso Martini Aperitivo

Verso, Abu Dhabi

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Enjoy Italian Martini cocktails at Verso!


  • Verso’s sundowner offering Italian Martini cocktails for AED 30 per person.
  • Traditional Aperitivo snacks AED 20 per person.
  • Offer valid 4pm – 8pm all week

Terms & Conditions

Offer valid  4pm – 8pm all week

About Verso

For those seeking memorable moments made up of the simplest ingredients that life has to offer, Verso offers good food that is made to be enjoyed slowly and socially. Slow, because  eating the Italian way is about so much more than the meal, it’s about sharing moments. And socially, because we are a lot of Italian, we like to talk and laugh and cook and sometimes everything all together, but it’s just because we’re passionate about what we do, we’re passionate about life. With a lot of amazing offers and Italian hospitality we invite you to our Italian Trattoria.