Thursday Treasures Unlimited Curry Menu £19.99

Thursday Treasures Unlimited Curry Menu £19.99

Embark on our Thursday Treasures menu! Experience 90 mins of unlimited curries for £19.99/person. Indulge in eight diverse flavours from cherished family recipes. Reserve now for an unforgettable dining experience

  • Exclusive £19.99 offer
  • Choose from Eight Family Recipes
  • Extended 90-minute experience
  • Endless curry options await
  • Time-honoured family dishes
‎£ 19.99 للشخص الواحد
فعّال حتى 05 كانون الأول 2024

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البنود و الظروف

90 Mins Dining Period 

Only Available on Thursdays 

The Laureate Restaurant

A spacious, chic restaurant which offers a great wine list and serves flavourful, fresh menus derived from delicious, locally sourced ingredients.

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The Laureate Restaurant, 55 Booth St W, Manchester M15 6PQ, UK