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    Average price for 2 • 40 ‎€
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Best Pork Roast Ever!! You have got to try this, its simply perfect. Not only does the restaurant source stress-free slaughtered meat for this dish, its humanely raised, brilliantly executed and so delicious, I went back 3 nights in a row for the same dish with a group of business partners who all share my opinion. What underlines our experience is that a series of Austria's most acclaimed food critiques think the same - it simply is the world's best Pork Roast which shows that from farm to fork the dish is super cared for. Bravo!

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Sam VerTom (Sam's Food Reviews) 11 months ago

Solid "hangover Sunday brunch" for 36€ a head (hot and cold drinks included, alcohol extra). I especially loved the dishes on order which complement the buffet very well.

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Danqi Liu a year ago

This one star is given to the assistant manager who served us on the night of Jan 1st 2020. He was extremely rude and don’t have the basic right mindset to work in a restaurant. He blamed the customers for the issues he encountered to run a restaurant. I am very surprised to see such a nice restaurant can hire somebody as unprofessional and unfriendly as him. We didn’t stay long enough to have food there because he literally said “if you are not happy you can leave”. He seems to care very little about the harm he can do to the reputation of a restaurant. Since while we were leaving, he basically told us “you can write whatever reviews you want”.

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N L a year ago

Excellent food. Very nice service. A very pleasant surprise in the Vienna gourmet scene. Had a wonderful and creative beef tartare and a delicate cod with smoky hints. Will be back for more! Keep the good work!

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Pat J a year ago

We came for dessert and were very pleasantly surprised. Seldom do we find innovative dessert—and in a hotel restaurant at that! All the dishes had unique flavor combinations and exciting presentations. Truly has this restaurant defied the norm of conventional hotel restaurant food. In addition, the service was warm, inviting, and overall exemplary.


Chef de Cuisine

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About Us

Using new kitchen techniques and intense flavors, a new world of Austrian cuisine is presented. A variety of past and present tradition gives our guest the opportunity to get an insight on how Prince Eugen would live and dine in the 21st century.

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