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The Market/Lobby Lounge

Bakery Restaurant in Meskel Square A quick coffee to go or a bite to eat

The Market/Lobby Lounge

Kib herbs are grown by 200+ farming families around Butajira, Ethiopia. There these farmers grow herbs in 'food forests:' small plots of land densely- and diversely sown with herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Growing in this regenerative way means better soil, better plants, and better flavor.

The Market/Lobby Lounge

A quick coffee to go or a bite to eat

In the heart of the lobby is offered freshly brewed Ethiopian coffee, tea, delicious pastries, bakery items, wine and dried fruits and spices, so make sure to visit the Market for takeaway items, a quick coffee to go or a bite to eat on your way to a meeting after a day of shopping or visiting the sites of Addis Ababa.



6:00 AM - Midnight Open Now


The Market/Lobby Lounge, Meskel Square, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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