George Tokas

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, I started as trainee working for a 5* boutique hotel, then I joined the Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki.

  • Chef De Cuisine, Culinary Bicicletta • Andaz Munich Schwabinger Tor
  • European • Speciality
  • Also loves to Cook International
  • Passionate, Creative, Humble • Cooking Style

Good To Know

I supported the opening of Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengraacht and then a Resort in Chalkidiki. Greece was not enough for me, so I decided to move to Munich opening the Andaz Munich Schwabinger Tor.
Sure: rustic, seasonal and intuitive.
The restaurant chef where I was working as a waiter when I was a teenager, and then Julien Piguet. He had a big impact on what I do and how I do it today. I met him in Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengraacht, I admire him a lot.
Because a kitchen is the place I feel most comfortable in after leaving my bed!
Everybody believes that chefs cook the best food for themselves. I think it’s not true, as we are cooking all day at work. So once we are home, we want something fast and convenient. Nevertheless, I love to prepare dishes that remind me of Greece.
Fresh and colorful ingredients, plating, and the person who will serve it with a great story behind it!
I usually don’t cook with music, but if it comes to that, I do prefer classical music.
My amazing boyfriend!
If I wouldn’t be a chef, I would love to be a doctor.
Never give up, no matter what!

Recipes I like to cook


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