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Food is ok. Only the soup was extraordinary. Other items were not bad. We asked for the Pork Bao to be cut in the centre so that it is easier to eat for which we were told that they don't do by 2. It was bland as well.

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Rama Nagaram 2 years ago

Very few choices for vegetarians. Only few vegetarian items in appetizers and main courses. The lady waiter could not even tell the names of vegetarian items on menu properly. The lighting on table was so low we could not even read the menu properly. Finally we had to light up using our mobile light to see the menu. Service was also not upto the mark. Staff have to be better trained and informed about dishes on menu. Not a Park Hyatt standard restaurant.

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Fali Madon 2 years ago

Superb restaurant for Pan Asian cuisine.

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Pallab De 3 years ago

Great cocktails, exquisite sushi and sashimi, and a lively ambiance. These are the cornerstones of the Rika experience. Rika will host DJs and remain open until 3 AM on Friday and Saturday. On other days, it promises excellent music and is open until 1 AM.

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Jet Waterbarrel 3 years ago

Ate at this restaurant as this was my second night here and I'd already tried the Italian Restaurant opposite--Tre Forni (which while not fantastic, wasnt considered disappointing either) My friend and I were ushered into the Teppanyaki corner briskly and attended to in good time. However, getting our orders through did take a bit of time as there didnt seem to be enough waiters around. I ordered a Fried Rice (with smoked bamboo shoot, green onion, and sichuan chilli oil) and a dish of Pork loin (cooked with ginger sauce, butter, scallion, garlic chops, stir fried tofu, shiitake mushrom and bok choy) to go with it. All sounded nice on paper. Until I got the dish. For one, the biting into the pork loin was akin to eating a piece of rock-Dry, hard and bitter. The tofu seemed coated with layer after layer of soya sauce (which interestingly enough didnt seem to penetrate the pork loin one bit), and I shuddered with the saltiness in every bite (at some point in time i gave up on it). The bok choy was limp, dry and tasted like the vegetables one gets free in the market because no one wants them. The fried rice was edible. Overall, while service was mediocre, the food was terrible (made worse with the price tag that could not justify it -). Definitely NOT eating there again and definitely NOT recommending it to anyone. Visit at your own risk.


  • Alcohol
  • Community tables
  • In-house DJ
  • Interactive kitchen
  • Private dining rooms
  • Home Delivery
  • Takeaway
    Average price for 2 • ₹ 3200
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