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China House is a lovely place for good, wholesome Chinese cuisine in an atmosphere filled with peace, tranquility. There is outdoor seating too transporting you to an Oriental nook. Ideal for both dates and family as well as work catch ups.

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Pratik Gadgil a month ago

Visit 1 ( Extract ) The duck I have eaten here is the best I have eaten anywhere hitherto, and will definitely recommend it. It did take ~50 mins to bring, although the staff had quoted ~40 mins, and is available both in half ( about ideal for 1 ) & full sizes, and comes up with a couple of sauces and flatbread rolls, although it is on a dry side still. The lamb slices I had eaten were decent, too. Visit 2 ( Extract ) The pork bao, as told to me, was indeed one of the best, and so was the lamb dish, which was flavorful, medium-cooked, and delicious. I got to taste some bartender-special mocktails. The overall service was better than the previous one. Also, do try the Blue Lagoon & Shirley Temple mocktails, which were exactly what I was looking for and amongst the very best I have tried so far. Visit 3 My third visit to the restaurant began in just the fashion I would have expected it to be. The ( complimentary ) cashews on the table are simply unstoppable to eat; they are coated with some sweet layer. The second dish ( whose name I don't know ), which wasn't there on my previous visit, may look like a typical weirdly-cut radish prima facia, but it wasn't. It tasted something like 'Chinese Bhel', crispy and mildly spicy, so it is a good reminder of childhood days. However, don't mistake it for small-cut noodles made in Schezwan sauce. The staff were happy to bring in a couple of more bowls of cashews upon my request, and I really appreciate the same. The way the seats in the compartment or sided space ( or whatever that seating portion can be called ) in the restaurant have been designed is really appreciable and worth a mention. At the sides, there are a few wares. We ordered two mocktails to begin with, and all were served within 10 mins. The tropical thunder, a grape cum cranberry-based mocktail, was made as per request, with less ice and, on the less sweet side, low-power soda. Another one ( whose name I have forgotten ), which was ideally expected to have grenadine syrup as a base, didn't have one but nevertheless did taste fantastic. The sea bass et al. does deserve a mention here. It came cut in about ten pieces (above medium size quantity overall ) and had a sour taste, implying an authentic Chinese preparation. When coupled with the sauce, too, it seemed to be a good combination, the sauce having an aftertaste which was quite bitter and pungent. Other dishes in the mains we ordered included Kung Pao Chicken and Kung Pao Prawns. While the former was very good but wasn't made less spicy as requested, the latter was quite oily, medium spicy and average in taste. Both had a gingery and peppery flavour and came with many cashews. The quantity was between medium and large for both when juxtaposed to competitors. The winding up was a bummer, though. Firstly, the teaspoons ( at least that's what they claimed they were ) ideally suited for consuming the desserts were so small that even a tiny prasad spoon in the temple is bigger than them ( I have never seen this small a spoon in any restaurant hitherto ). The next size they had was a tablespoon, so it definitely wasn't worth a choice. Surprising that! The creme brulee tasted above average, the brownie cake was significantly burned and tasted bad, whilst another dish having a fancy name was nothing but corn flakes and coconut milk having sago pearls, again nothing but insipid; now that's the childhood dish I wasn't expecting or looking for. The decor is amongst the finest, as one will see ( as explained in the previous reviews ). The entrance is perhaps the best I have seen in any restaurant hitherto - a big wooden door leading to an excellent spot ( which also couples up as an outside dining area ) having some plants, small trees, small water storage/space and a bar-like dim atmosphere with a giant TV Screen, ( which keeps the camera quite busy ) which further leads to another big wooden door, and finally into the restaurant with a plethora of colourful wares on display. Update : The issue was resolved promptly and amicably by the restaurant.