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Chef Andrea Aprea

Born In Naples, 41-year-old Aprea Aprea Is The Executive Chef At Restaurant Vun Of Park Hyatt Milano, With Experience Of Working In Italy And Abroad. Park Hyatt Milan’s Restaurant Has Been Recognized By The Michelin Guide With Two Michelin-stars.

  • Executive Chef VUN Andrea Aprea • Park Hyatt Milan
  • Italian • Speciality
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  • Passionate, Creative, Humble • Cooking Style

Good To Know

I Traveled All Over The World To Make Different Experiences: Asia, Italy, Uk. It's Been A Long Journey To Arrive Here.
Italian Contemporary Traditional
My Family And My Roots. I Love Naples And The Italian Cuisine In General
Because It Has Always Been My Passion And I've Always Been Surrounded By Food Since I Was Born: My Family Had A Pizzeria In Naples. I've Always Been Curious About Tastes, Food And Flavors.
I Cook Mainly For My Children And Pasta In General.
Every Dish At Vun Andrea Aprea Is The Result Of A Great Team Job, Of Passion And Study. A Dish It's Great When It Recalls Memories, It Recalls Tastes And Awakes The Senses.
I Love Italian Music In General.
I'm A Simple Person, A Father And Husband, Nothing More.
I'm A Very Private Person. I Use Social Media Only For My Job And I Don't Share Anything About My Private Life.
Follow Your Dreams And Your Passions, Be Brave Enough To Push To Risk Not Common Paths And Don't Forget To Always Have Fun During You Job.

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VUN Andrea Aprea

Two Michelin-starred Restaurant Of Park Hyatt Milano. Italian Contemporary Cuisine By Chef Andrea Aprea.