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Welcomed by the beautiful Carolina, who is well-informed of the menu, I was fortunate to dine her. While unfortunately it was empty, Chef Ramon de Madrid prepared a great beef cheeks dish for me. Not my usual choice, but upon the hostesses’ strong recommendation, I gave it a try. The vegetables on the side are not seasoned much but you can taste a high quality oil on them; also, good to get a set of diverse veggies in the Gulf. The bread did not taste homemade, or it was a bit too simple; the bread came with a sort of labneh-toum dip and a tomato salsa and some black/kalamata Spanish small olives. Olives were great and the labneh dip threw me off a bit, although it was good. Cannot stress how nice it was to be around a hostess and a chef who spoke Spanish. Both very nice and enjoyable people. The chef sent a complimentary chicken croquette which was nice. I intend to try the seafood paella when dining with more people eventually. That’s what this place is known for. Again; the beef cheeks were done exceptionally well, super tasty, beautifully cooked, almost like a lamb.

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N Aziz a month ago

I came here for a second time just for the sea food paella 🥘 What i love about this place is its very quiet atmosphere, would definitely keep coming back if their food quality stays the same 👌🏼!