Asian Restaurant in Waterfront The Oriental offers you an eclectic mix of Asian flavours, from Chinese and Thai to Japanese and Vietnamese.



  • Alcohol
  • Wine Cellar
  • Food to share
  • Open kitchen
  • Private dining rooms
    Average price for 2 • TSh 200000
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Thanks be to God, He deserves all the glory for giving people the intelligence of keeping this place in its beautiful and highest form with such love. First of all, the buildings of Hyatt Regency have been built with Modern Architecture and mesmerizing interior design which fits social, physiological and psychological space requirements. The environment has been equipped with water fountains to give you an outdoor nature experience inside the building. The hotel is also installed with modern technological security systems such as x ray scanner for maximum safety of the users including staffs and customers. The staff of Hyatt Regency are well dressed, smart and full of enthusiasm. They are kind and always alert to serve the customers with high quality five star hotel service. The quality of food at Hyatt Regency is outstanding, the dishes are prepared under maximum cleanliness and served on time without forgetting the buffet self service is also available. While eating, music from qualified musicians soothes you as you enjoy a warm meal or a cold drink such as fresh apple juice. In addition, Hyatt Regency promotes arts which gives exposure to small Tanzania entrepreneurs, you can buy yourself well credited arts and crafts from here. Hyatt Regency is the home of Tanzanian Legacy the Kilimanjaro.

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Puddin lady 6 months ago


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Devid Felix 7 months ago

Cozy place

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Amosy Johnson 7 months ago

Nice place

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saidi walle 7 months ago

Nice place

About Us

The Oriental offers you an eclectic mix of Asian flavours, from Chinese and Thai to Japanese and Vietnamese, including fresh sushi and sashimi, dim sum and other Asian specialities. Oenophiles will also enjoy an extensive wine list featuring the wine from all over the world.

Dining Options
  • Dinner
  • Informal gatherings
  • Quiet Dinner
  • Wine dinners
Good For
  • Celebrations
  • Family Dining
  • Romantic dinners

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