Randika Navaratna

I am from the pearl of the the Indian Ocean - beautiful country of Sri Lanka

  • Chef De Partie Andaz Lounge • Andaz Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi - a concept by Hyatt
  • International • Speciality
  • Also loves to Cook South Indian
  • Passionate, Creative, Humble • Cooking Style

Good To Know

You may have seen me in Russia, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka or UAE. I've been all over the place.
Delicious, Vibrant, Passionate
My grandfather was my greatest inspiration. He was a phenomenal cook and I new from a very young age that I wanted to be like him
Simply because it's the best job, and the only one I've ever imagined doing. Chefs create new and innovative items that can be enjoyed as a meal, what could be more special than that?
I don't cook much at home as I like to sit back, relax and enjoy my wife's cooking. I am however known to prepare a some special food items a few times a week or on special occasions
The right ingredients, correct temperature, balance of flavors, colors, aromas & most importantly, the passionate touch of a great chef
I love listening to classical music which speaks to the soul - incredible food also touches the soul
I am an only child so my mum is in Sri Lanka together with my wife
I know it's silly, but I love playing with electronic motor cars. I could spend hours with them
The culinary industry is one of the best but most demanding industries in the world. You must be passionate, committed to what you are doing, have patience, the right attitude, honesty, discipline & loyalty to your job. The sky is indeed the limit

Recipes I like to cook


Beef Tenderloin

  • Servings
  • 1
  • 15 Min

Andaz Lounge

With its easy-going charm and stunning views of Abu Dhabi, this is the perfect place to start the evening or meet with friends and business partners.