Alberto Burgio

Chef de Cuisine, Andiamo!

Speciality : Italian

Cooking Style: Easy. 1) Traditional 2) Seasonal 3) Innovative

Recipes I like to cook

A dish close to my heart, representing authentic food from my hometown of Sicily. This recipe was passed down from my grandmother, who would use fresh mint leaves, Sicilian oranges, & a homemade zesty olive oil to give this tuna salad its uniqueness. on May 09, 2019 More Recipes


Hi, My name is Alberto, and i'm from Sicily, Italy. I love cooking and find Pizza's and typical Mediterranean Italian cuisine to be my specialty. The food out of my kitchen sets a specific tone, serving authentic and genuine products from my land.

Where have I seen you before?

Previous work includes being in London, Egypt and now Dubai.

Can you describe your cooking in 3 words?

Easy. 1) Traditional 2) Seasonal 3) Innovative

Who/What has been the biggest influence on you cooking?

My loving grandmother :)

Why a chef?

Food has always been my main passion, and why not pursue a career in that! It makes you love your work all the more.

What do you cook yourself when you get home?

I like to try and test out various cuisines.

What makes a great dish?

Simplicity, in my opinion!

What is your favourite music to cook to?

My Grandmother's music! For example, Toto Cutugno and Nino D'Angelo =)

Who is at home?

Currently, my entire family, and friends from childhood are back home! They are my inspiration, and get me by each day !

Tell us something we might not know about you.

Ummmm, I have a love for tattoos ;)

What is your advice for budding chefs or even enthusiastic home cook?

Know who you're cooking for! Don't go into the kitchen with a halfy mentality - when you enter, there should be a 100% mindset. When you're cooking for a friend, don't be scared to experiment! And, put 100% of your heart into what you're cooking.

Alberto Burgio cooks at Andiamo!

Surrounded by contemporary works of art, alongside a rustic exterior, diners can experience classic Italian dishes with a modern-day twist.


  • Alcohol
  • Alfresco Seating
  • Art collection
  • Children’s menus
  • Wine Cellar
  • Grills & Barbeque
  • Home-style cooking
  • In-house DJ
  • Interactive kitchen
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  • Wood fired oven