Braised Short Ribs - International Recipe from The Collective by Market Cafe, Grand Hyatt Dubai:

Braised Short Ribs

Short Ribs Generally Require Long Periods Of Cooking In Order To Break Down The Connective Tissues In The Meat And Make The Meat Tender. The Addition Of Homemade Bbq Sauce Offsets Their Robust Meatiness And Fabulous Taste.

  • 12 Hr Prep Time
  • 12 Hr Cooking time
  • 1 Servings



  • Step 1

    - In A Bowl, Mix Hp Sauce, Light Soya, Chimichurri, Salt, Pepper, And Bbq Sauce. - Add Chopped Rosemary, Thyme, Then Marinate The Short Ribs - Let This Rest Overnight, And Then Cook It The Next Day For 12 Hours At A Temperature Of 76c Temperature.

  • Step 2

    First We Will Make The Marinade For The Short Rib! Starting With The Chimichurri: Combine Shallot, Chili, Garlic, Vinegar, And Salt In A Bowl Let It Sit For A Few Minutes. Then Stir In Cilantro, Parsley, And Oregano. Using A Fork, Whisk In Olive Oil.

  • Step 3

    Then Add In The Hp/bbq Sauce, Or Both. Followed By The Chopped Rosemary And Thyme. Do A Quick Taste Test To See If It Is Balanced In Flavours.

  • Step 4

    Combine The Short Ribs And This Sauce You Have Just Made. Make Sure That The Whole Short Rib Gets Rubbed In Sauce Generously.

  • Step 5

    Let This Short Rib Rest And Marinate Overnight In Your Fridge.

  • Step 6

    We Suggest For You To Get Up Early In The Morning, As This Short Rib Will Take 12 Hours To Cook. Set Your Oven To 76 Degrees Celsius Using The Convectional Oven Mode, And Make Sure You Have A Timer For 12 Hours, Keep Checking On Your Short Rib.

  • Step 7

    Once The Timer Goes Off, You Should Be Ready To Serve, And The Meat Should Be Falling Off The Bone! Bon Appetit!

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