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  • Alcohol
  • Dessert buffet
  • Garden
  • Gluten free Menu
  • Home-style cooking
  • Ice Creams Stations
  • Open kitchen
  • Live Pizza oven
  • Retail Counter
  • Snack menu
  • Vegans
  • Vegetarians
  • Valet
  • Wi Fi

Reynaldo Cabellero

Sous Chef

Hi there! You can call me Rey, and I'm from the Cebu, Philippines. I specialize in Asian, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine! Quite the cocktail!...

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AVG. for 2 : AED 145


Grand Hyatt Dubai

Panini, Grand Hyatt Dubai, Sheikh Rashid Road, Oud Metha, Umm hurair 2 - دبي - United Arab Emirates

Near Vox Grand Cineplex,DEWA Head Office Customer Happiness Center Zaabeel East

Area Oud Metha , Garhoud