Rake's - Cool Bars In Shoreditch For Cocktails


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Visited this place a couple of days back with a friend. We were just walking by and found this place! And oh! LOVED IT. Truly a hidden gem in Liverpool street. The cocktail menu was a storybook theme and the cocktails were so unique and lovely! ❤️

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Konrad Czapla

An absolutely amazing place for afterwork drinks. Great quality drinks, attentive staff, great ambience with soft music playing enough to relax but quiet enough to have a conversation. I highly recommend!

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Ray S

Situated on the right in the direction of the City, as you exit the hustle and bustle of Liverpool Street Station, and as a previous reviewer noted, this cocktail 🍸 lover's paradise, could easily be missed. Seat yourself in opulent surroundings and sip cocktails until your heart's content! Ensure that you take a little time to peruse the petit cocktail booklet and order one of their hand crafted cocktails. It may take a little time, but I can assure you, it will be well worth the wait: they were absolutely exquisite, and I yearned for more! Neither was I disappointed by the accompanying food. I selected the cured salmon and smoked cod, dressed in a creamy avocado mayonnaise. These perfectly balanced flavours fused together in a dish that was perfect for lunch: satisfying but not too heavy. I noted that they also serve oysters 😋 with champagne and bottomless options too on a Saturday, so a return visit is definitely on the cards!

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Tia Sotiriou

This is next door to Liverpool Street Station and easily missed. It is part of a hotel. We were fortunate to find a table late on Saturday evening. We choose not to sit in the front area but preferred in the comfy lounge area. The only negative comment is the ridiculous loud music. We ordered desserts and cocktails. I think mine was called the Marriage and came with candy floss and was delicious and full of alcohol. The desserts were delicious too. Would definitely return, for that cocktail.


  • Alcohol

  • Live Entertainment

  • Private dining rooms

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarians

Rake’s Café Bar, 40 Liverpool St, London EC2M 7QN, UK