Европейская кухня | Ресторан |Meskel Square | город Аддис-Абеба рядом с Meskel Square | - Позвоните нам или забронируйте столик онлайн в Cascara Coffee & Cocktails в Hyatt Regency Addis Ababa и насладитесь высокой кухней в городе Аддис-Абеба | Десерты

Cascara Coffee & Cocktails

Европейская кухня Meskel Square Celebrating our current coffee flavours from; Mamokacha, Moyee and Tarara.

Cascara Coffee & Cocktails

We serve coffee-flavored cocktails and gourmet bites. Enjoy the music and the lively atmosphere. Please note that we do not accept any reservations. Just come by and we are happy to find a place for you.


  • Алкоголь
  • Столики на открытом воздухе
  • Открытая терраса
  • Снек-меню
  • Wi-Fi
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Meskel Square,



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Hyatt Regency Addis Ababa is one of the best hotels in the city with amazing engineering, beautiful design, state-of-the-art technology plus furniture!!! Hyatt caring for the people to be at their best.

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huda mohamed 3 weeks ago

After we had dinner we asked the waiter who was very pleasant with us the entire time to take a quick look at the Terrace. On the way To the terrace the manager stopped us and told us we can’t go there without explaining the reason nicely. He was totally unprofessional. Never going back.

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Lydia Belai a month ago

Elegant hotel with impeccably designed interior, soft lighting, peaceful music with a pleasant and soothing ambience. the customer service was fast and efficient. Value for money is a bit exaggerated but all in all great experience

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Adam Mengistu a month ago

One of the best hotels if not the best in Ethiopia. A luxurious 5 star hotel located around Meskel square. The rooms are super clean and the staff are amazing. The food is really nice too.

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Samuel B 3 months ago

If you are Ethiopian, I advise that you don’t stay at this hotel. It’s a great place to eat and go , but if you trying to book a room and stay , you will be treated horribly if you are Ethiopian that speaks Amharic. I was shocked because almost all the employees are local Ethiopians and you would think they will treat you well since you Ethiopian too. Wrong , you will only get treated well if you different national and talk to them in English. Me and my wife are from U.S.A and we went back home for a week vacation. We only stayed there for two night because of how we were treated by the staff just because we Ethiopians. Two different night my wife called front desk to order room service, she spoke with them in Amharic. Our orders were never transferred to the person in charge. After hours of waiting , I called the front myself and spoke to them in English and they rushed to get the orders in minutes. You will be treated as a trespasser trying to navigate the pool and other areas of the hotel. That is absolutely shame from a five star hotel , we paid the same money as the other people to stay there and we expect same treatment.These happened both night we stayed. That made my wife mad and we decided to change hotel. My advice to your hotel is , your entire staff needs diversity training course.

О нас

Adjacent to the main lobby is a place where you can enjoy the stunning view of the inner courtyard with water features and colorful flower beds. We serve coffee-flavored cocktails and gourmet bites. Enjoy the music and the lively atmosphere. All VAT and Service charge excluded.

Ресторан предлагает
  • Послеполуденный чай
  • Кофе и снеки
  • Неформальные встречи
  • Вечеринки
  • Аперитив
Для тех, кто ищет
  • Al Fresco
  • Неформальные обеды
  • Коктейли
  • Подходящее для детей
  • Ужин с видом на закат
  • Расслабленные ужины
  • Встречи и вечеринки

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