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Martinez Bar

Французская кухня Bld de la Croisette The Martinez Bar celebrates the spirit and freedom of yachting.

Martinez Bar



  • Алкоголь
  • Винный погреб
  • DJ
  • Специальная программа
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Palais des Festivals et des Congrès,Le Vieux Port de Cannes



We care about your safety and wellness. Hôtel Martinez is now GBAC certified. УЗНАТЬ БОЛЬШЕ Об аккредитации GBAC

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Not a hotel guest, just passing through the bar, the lovely staff found me a comfortable table. Impeccable service and an enchanting place.

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Jean Jacques Laruelle a month ago

Although the place is pleasant, I remain nostalgic for the old concept which was in my opinion more authentic. Always a big effort to make as an aperitif, the few peanuts and olives accompanying our champagne flutes looked very sad: ((

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7741819 a year ago

Fantastic place you can’t miss this when entering cannes 🥂🥂

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Lucie James 2 years ago

Came for dinner one night. The waiter at our table did a great job. The food was good. I had the raw fish, too bad they overpoured sauce on top of it. The tart was great with the ice cream. The havana dessert cocktail was alright.

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Kirk Martinez 3 years ago

Just an update in case like us you arrive and the piano bar does not exist any more.


Executive Chef

Christian Sinicropi

  • Французская
Pastry Chef

Julien Ochando

  • Десерты

О нас

It is the place to go to sample the snacking signed by Chef Christian Sinicropi, enjoy a cocktail creation , or sip one of the 22 gins in his selection. A few notes float of live music; the night only comes to an end when you wish.​ ​

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