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Grissini Restaurant

Итальянская кухня Cologne Grissini Restaurant welcomes you to Italian culinary highlights and a magnificent view of Cologne Cathedral.

Grissini Restaurant


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Ok, so here is an honest feedback I travel a lot, and usually visit lots of restaurants while traveling Yesterday, my family and I decided to try Grissini restaurant köln. To be honest, it was an amazing experience :) The food was excellent, the atmosphere was very pleasant, but the most amazing thing was the professional team at Grissini restaurant 💝💝💝 The team is Extremely professional, friendly, and they have lots of positive energy (even though it was late, and they had a long day, but the smiles and cheerful characters were all over the place by their team) which added more pleasure to our experience with them I would like to thank them all for adding such a delightful moments to our evening at their restaurant I would definitely like to go there again, and highly recommend other guests to try Grissini Köln .. you will definitely love this place 💖

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Florian KAREN 3 weeks ago

Very nice tomato soup with a bit spice The pasta is delicious with generous portion Tiramisu is delicious too Friendly staff

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Grissini Restaurant welcomes you with many culinary highlights, a unique view of Cologne Cathedral and the Old Town as well as a very friendly service. Under the management of Julian Waldner and Laura Perez Moran, you will be served many delicious Italian highlights. Exquisite Italian cuisine with many fresh meat and fish dishes, different pasta creations and numerous sweet highlights invite you to linger next to the perfectly balanced wine selection.

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