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DOX Bar & Lounge

Please note that we do not accept any reservations.


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First the good part: location is nice and the food was really excellent, compliments to the kitchen. Now the bad part: probably the worst service we have ever experienced. Extremely rude staff, after sitting there for 1 hour with only 1 drink we asked if we could order and got answered "well I only have two hands" and "we have problems today". On top of that I had booked for a birthday, which I clearly mentioned at booking, and it was completelly ignored. Throughout the evening we were treated disrespectfuly, rude answers, very long waiting times and just overall very unpleasant to the point we couldnt wait to leave. On top of that the atmosphere is not very inviting, no music and just overall uncomfortable. There are way better places in the same area like Meerbar for example, would not recommend this restaurant to anyone (even the good food is not worth the aweful experience).

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EricTheTurtle a week ago

A very fancy restaurant located in the ground floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany! Good selection of food and drinks, and a very pleasant view of the industrial styled harbor. The staff was also very friendly! Would recommend for anyone craving a little more of a fancy dinner experience!

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Senah Abou Taha 10 months ago

We waited a total of 40 minutes weren’t even able to order (despite asking the waiter). The waiters seemed unbothered.. cannot recommend unfortunately even though it’s a nice location.

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Alina 10 months ago

Looks super nice from the outside and inside. Unfortunately at 2pm on a Saturday, we had to wait 10min to be seated and couldn’t order our drinks for 30min. Therefore we just left. what a shame! One star because the waiters were very nice (but still useless apparently)

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Sven Sellmann a year ago

Nice decoration, good staff and nice views. However, it's pretty overpriced. If you're charging 15 Euros for a glass of wine maybe at least serve a little bowl of nuts with it or something.

О нас

Classic cocktails and recipes have found their place on the menu at DOX bar. These classics are complimented with creative ideas based around high-quality products in the form of modern cocktails. DOX bar offers a selection of high-quality wine, alcoholic beverages, cuvees, non-alcoholic drinks and coffees in addition to the great variety of cocktails.

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  • Вечеринки
  • Аперитив
  • Частные мероприятия
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