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Service is terrible. Hyatt invest in more employees. The people working are completely understaffed. Then theres the prices. A sot of tequilla and a glass of wine is 40e! Ouch

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Evey Kim 3 months ago

If you want to have a shot of tequila, you should wait for 10 minutes to be seated. If you want to receive a bill, you should ask a bill to a waiter twice, wait 10 minutes and walk to the bar and say "I would really want to have our bills" and then wait another 15 minutes. You will see two other waitresses passing you by, none of them are taking care of your bill. Finally if you get mad, you walk up to the cashier machine and say "we've been waited 20mins to get a bill". Finally you will have the chance to pay for what you had. Awful experience, what an unprofessional service. Shame on the name of Hyatt.

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Tori Wenig a year ago

While the food was good and well portioned and the service friendly they were very understaffed. Most tables were full and they only had a host, bartender and one waiter. Waited ten minutes for drink order and check never came. No one was even noticing that we had been done eating for twenty minutes and couldn't get anyone's attention. We went and waited at the host stand until he came back so we could pay and leave.

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Reena Hovermale 2 years ago

Almost all the tables were empty. People came in behind me, ordered and were served their food, while I waited and waited. The two servers made eye contact with me four times and still didn't offer service. 20 minutes and then I left. I highly recommend the RBG Bar and Grill in the Park Place hotel. Sat down and within a minute was ordering.

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J. Schairer 2 years ago

Very disappointing service. Waiting to be served, waiting for a glass of wine, waiting for table to be cleared, waiting to place my mains order. Seriously, has the service in Germany gotten so bad! There are others waiting and everyone is too polite to say something. Unfortunately the Food does not make up for the bad service - food was ok but it might of been great were it not for the service.


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