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The Lonely Broccoli

Международная кухня Schwabinger Tor Munich's culture of indulgence to take away. Simply order The Lonely Broccoli classics by phone, pick it up and enjoy the dishes at home.

The Lonely Broccoli


  • Алкоголь
  • Столики на открытом воздухе
  • Аренда для частных мероприятий
  • Столы для компаний
  • Меню без яиц
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Leopoldstraße 170,


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Top service 👌😋🥰

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Saoud S a month ago

The food & service here is perfect. The staff are attentive to things that may not be on the menu but were willing to accommodate our requests. Special thanks to Lillian & Mahmoud for making our daily breakfast something to look forward to.

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Drew Sellers 4 months ago

I ordered the Ox cheek and wagyu burger. Both were delicious.

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Sue Chung 5 months ago

We ordered the spring menu for our Easter lunch and it was absolutely amazing. All the courses were easy to prepare at home and the restaurant staff were very kind to us in every way (we talked to Mr. Nils Frey via email and it was very pleasant). Thank you for the perfect lunch!

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Jarrod Miller a year ago

Pretty good place for a business lunch. Atmosphere during the evening is a little clinical and not quite cozy enough. There are a few tables you can settle in to, others seem to be in the main walkways. Food is decent overall with a large and interesting selection of sides. Balances of flavours isn't quite there yet in some dishes. All in all pretty good concept for a restaurant tucked away inside a hotel.


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Marty Lahn

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Sous Chef

Felix De Bortoli

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Pop Corn

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О нас

The Lonely Broccoli, Munich's first Modern Meat House, brings to life the vibrancy and flavors of Bavaria with a central open-plan kitchen, two chef's tables and a private dining room. Its menu presents a selection of charcoal-grilled and slow-roasted marinated meats of premium butchered pork, beef, lamb and sausages. With pickles, foraged salads, spectacular platters, signature sides, sauces made of seasonal and locally sourced produce.

Ресторан предлагает
  • Заказ по меню
  • Ужин
  • Обеды на компанию
  • Неформальные встречи
  • Частные мероприятия
Для тех, кто ищет
  • Al Fresco
  • Деловые встречи
  • Неформальные обеды
  • Празднования по особым поводам
  • Семейные ужины
  • Расслабленные ужины
  • Встречи и вечеринки
  • Романтические ужины

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