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Regency Cafe

Международная кухня Civil Lines Road Regency Cafe is an all-day dining restaurant located at the lobby level, offering a varied selection of local and international cuisine.

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The best place for a fine dining experience at Thrissur. Love the food here and prices are very reasonable for a Hyatt hotel. Recommended

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Fowziya Hydrose a month ago

Each visit to Regency Cafe has been a great experience for us in the past with good food and great service. Except last weekend when it left us in dampened spirits. When we tried a reserve a table for breakfast on Sunday, we were told it was packed and they couldn't hold reservations so we just walked in before 9:30 to try our luck. There were a few empty tables and a waiter led us to one but we were moved outdoors by another staff member saying those tables were reserved for hotel guests. Understandably, we shifted outside in the not-so-pleasant weather without complaint. Each time we walked indoors, there were always empty tables. I was accompanied by my husband and parents, who are seniors. If there are tables unoccupied, we should've been asked if we wanted to shift indoors. Everyone is aware of the hot climate we face these days even during early morning hours. Willing to brush that aside, it would have been fine if we received good service while seated outdoors. Our plates were never cleared when we returned to the tables, we had to constantly remind the staff indoors to do so. Orders for Masala Dosa, Omelette and Tea were forgotten even after reminders. Received an Omelette at the end our meal. There was no water bottle on our table. Aside from the water I requested when we were first seated, no water was provided to us till the end of our meal. My parents had to wait till much later to take their post breakfast medication. There were a few young men who were seated in tables around us for very short durations. Their tables weren't cleared for the longest time which led to crows squatting on those tables and eating the leftovers. That tells you about how much attention was being paid to customers dining outdoors. Firstly, try not to seat families especially with elders and/or kids outside. And even if you have to, the least that can be done is to make sure EXTRA attention is paid to them, not less. I don't think we deserve any less than those dining inside unless my Hyatt Dining Club Membership is actually holding back on me and my family receiving good service. This was actually quite a disappointment for us despite enjoying the food since it was our THIRD visit in the span of one week. My brother and I, visited the Cafe on the 22nd for breakfast, my entire family and I, visited on the 23rd for dinner and lastly on the 27th of March, for said breakfast. I guess there's no value for returning customers here. Maybe we should take a hint and not return? Regrettable.

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Sahil Bamrara

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The casual and vibrant design and ambience makes Regency Cafe the perfect venue for family celebrations, energizing business lunches or an intimate gathering of friends.

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  • Гриль и барбекю
  • Домашняя кухня
  • Станция мороженого
  • Интерактивная кухня
  • Столики на открытом воздухе
  • Открытая кухня
  • Рядом с бассейном
  • Приватная зона для частных мероприятий
  • Курение разрешено
  • Снек-меню
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  • Вегетарианцы
  • Парковщик
  • Wi-Fi
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  • Китти-вечеринки
  • Расслабленные ужины
  • Встречи и вечеринки
  • Романтические ужины
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  • Послеполуденный чай
  • Заказ по меню
  • Ресторан, работающий весь день
  • Шведский стол
  • Завтрак
  • Кофе и снеки
  • Ужин
  • Обеды на компанию
  • Hight Tea
  • Неформальные встречи
  • Вечеринки
  • Обед
  • Частные мероприятия
  • Неспешные ужины

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