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Living Room

Международная кухня Stone Town Living Room is the lounge area of the Zamani Residence and has been designed to be an inviting space, featuring vibrant colours and plush sofas.

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  • Алкоголь
  • Счастливые часы
  • Столики на открытом воздухе
  • Столики на открытом воздухе
  • С видом на море
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More affordable than you might think. Sharing a Meze platter with some friends with a beer while enjoying what is for sure Stone Town’s best place to watch a sunset is a very nice treat. (Probably nicest public toilets on the island of Zanzibar)

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Keith Van a year ago

Gorgeous space and perfect service for a cocktail bar. They accommodated my companion's request for an alcoholic mocktail without issue. Staff were quick to respond, professional, and service was very understated.

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Mayuko Matsumoto a year ago

The location is amazing and like most other Hyatt’s, the place is beautiful. Unfortunate, the Living Room was a disappointment for myself and my two friends. We went there for cocktails before our dinner and the service to receive our drinks was very, very slow. We had the waiter assure us twice that they were coming since even he recognized that it was slow. Additionally, my dirty martini was quite diluted and wasn’t a dirty martini. It didn’t taste great. I ended up not notifying the server since I’m pretty sure it was purposely diluted. If you go, you’ll enjoy only the scene only—otherwise be disappointed.

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Richard W 2 years ago

You’ve had a hard day’s sightseeing around Stonetown, you’ve ticked off the sights, perused the old alleyways, watched the tourists posing outside of Freddie’s house, purchased trinkets from the markets and now, your legs are tired, a layer of sweat coats your brow. You need to cool down, have an ice cold beer and a well earned snack. The Living Room is the place for you. It’s a cool spot (literally), the food is tasty, the seats comfy and the best pit stop you could have before heading back out. Recommended.

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Same Nađ 2 years ago

We did not eat at this restaurant, walking along the beach we came across this place and immediately got us a terrace. The terrace is on the sand beneath a beautiful ficker and palm trees. We only had a drink. The service is great and friendly, the view beautiful. The decoration is minimalistic and beautiful.

О нас

Relax, overlooking the Indian ocean while enjoying a bite from our delightful menu. Ideal for a gathering with family or friends, the Living Room is casual and comfortable yet refined and elegant.

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  • Кофе и снеки
  • Hight Tea
  • Вечеринки
  • Аперитив
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  • Деловые встречи
  • Ужин с видом на закат
  • Встречи и вечеринки
  • Романтические ужины

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