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Азиатская кухня Oud Metha Inspired by fast-paced Pan-Asian street food, Wox is a chef’s table without the frills and trills.

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12:00 PM - 11:30 PM Сейчас открыто
    Средний чек для :человек • AED 150
Grand Hyatt Dubai

Wox, Grand Hyatt Dubai, Sheikh Rashid Road, Oud Metha, Umm hurair 2 - دبي - United Arab Emirates

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Vox Grand Cineplex,Wafi Mall




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The location is pleasant, in the lower level of the Grand Hyatt hotel and it's a convenient walk from where we live. The food is 'fine'. Nothing outstanding, but perfectly pleasant. The service is hit and miss - the floor manager took our order, and in that time-honoured India Culinary school technique, he launched up to the table and loudly interrupted our conversation asking for our order. Please - approach the table quietly, and we will finish our sentences and quickly attend to you !! we know you are there, but don't just talk over us. We asked for separate chilli sauce, on the side to spice the meal up and this was noted. However, as we kind of expected, the attention to detail failed and we had to get up and go and ask for it as it wasn't delivered. We asked him again for toothpicks when he cleared the table and again, he just forgot and we had to go hunting..... The food is not good value really, for the quality. The usual Dubai rules apply folks - drink lots before you go, and just share one or 2 small still, local waters, and even that is an outrageous rip-off - 16 aed for a 1 aed bottle. So minimis your water bill as that is a well known sting. So, overall, the food is fine, the service is slack, the prices are high - you can get a much better deal at comparable quality by going to smaller chains or getting a take-away.

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Letsugur a month ago

Very nice pan-asia restaurant with affordable pricing in Dubai 😊 Vox is located in Hotel Grand Hyatt Dubai.

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Vietnamese Noodle Soup

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Inspired by fast-paced Pan-Asian street food, Wox is a chef’s table without the frills and trills. Enjoy your dinner just centimetres away from two chef’s fighting fires with their ‘WOX’ to serve you down-to-earth, heartwarming, food for the soul.

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