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Manhattan Grill

Стейк-хаус кухня Oud Metha Inspired by New York and its melting pot of cultures, Manhattan Grill is a place that brings a fusion of flavors to life.

Manhattan Grill

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Grand Hyatt Dubai

Manhattan Grill, Grand Hyatt Dubai, Sheikh Rashid Road, Oud Metha, Umm hurair 2 - دبي - United Arab Emirates

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Inside Grand Hyatt, enter from the lobby to the left and up the marble steps. With mahogany wood feel, the ambiance is one of traditional and classic, yet new. Came for a professional conference and the lunch was offered at 2 restaurants. I’m not sure if this is new but I have not seen it before. The buffet was well distributed in one area in between and on the side of the tables. The food tasted good although the beef stroganoff was a bit well done. The dessert was mostly chiffon cakes or cheesecakes with different mousses (raspberries blueberries and mango-passionfruit). Some praliné cream puffs, mild in flavor but light. The music was soft and appropriate. The service was super. I did not need to ask fir anything. This is the way to do it, after all that’s the job of any eatery to know what the customer needs and anticipate it. Wow. Instead of asking what i would like to drink, they ask such question but immediately they list the choices. Very unusual. Kudos for the manager who I’m sure is behind such high and appropriate level of training.

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Hans Daniels 2 years ago

Definitely not the best steak house visited by far. Outside seating is sub par in table quality and general atmosphere. White wine served was far to warm and food was standard. Many better options in Dubai to consider.

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Inspired by New York and its melting pot of cultures, Manhattan Grill is a place that brings a fusion of flavors to life. A steakhouse with a touch of Latin traits, this sophisticated setting allows you to witness the hustle and bustle in the kitchen while you get lost in each dish. Featuring a private dining room for groups to enjoy a uniquely intimate experience.

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