A sparkling or Sloe Negroni just £15.00 for two в The Graduate Bar, Manchester - Мультинациональная | Спецпредложения и скидки | Located on Oxford Road in the heart of the innovation district, Manchester: Hyattrestaurant.com

A sparkling or Sloe Negroni just £15.00 for two

September is Negroni month and we are celebrating with two for £15.00 our team have chosen the Sloe Negroni and the Sparkling Negroni as their favourites come and see which is your favourite.

  • Two Negroni cocktails just £15.00 in The Graduate Bar
  • The Sloe Negroni, perfect for the autumn season
  • Sparkling Negroni a longer lighter version of the classic

Hyatt Regency Manchester

Действительно до 30 Сентябрь 2021

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The Graduate Bar, Manchester

A tremendous bar and with indoor, terrace and outdoor seating, serving fresh bar dishes and an enviable cocktail, beer and wine list.

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