The Scene Rooftop Bar & Terrace

Akdeniz Restoran içinde Vasil Levski Square The Scene is a destination rooftop cocktail lounge for those in the know and the ones brave enough to find out.

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    2 için ortalama fiyat • 40.00 лв
Hyatt Regency Sofia

The Scene Rooftop Bar & Terrace, Vasil Levski Square, 1504 Doctor's Garden, София, България

Yakınında Landmark

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral,National Gallery




GBAC STAR™ FACILITY We care about your safety and wellbeing. Hyatt Regency Sofia is now GBAC STAR™ accredited. Daha Fazla Öğren GBAC sertifikasyonu hakkında.


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The best place in Sofia, breathtaking view, very kind staff. We were pleased especially by Borislava’s great service. She was kind, with a smile, gave us table with a great view and make us feel as like we are at home. The cocktails were wonderful and the desserts exquisite. Thank you, Borislava and The Scene Rooftop Bar for making our experience special, we will definitely come back.

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Bozhidar Hristov a month ago

The best rooftop in town! The staff was great and all of use were absolutely thrilled when we tried the cocktails. And the view is absolutely amazing! You should definitely try their FIG Old-fashioned!!

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Michaela Apostolova a month ago

Just because you’re placed on a rooftop with a view doesn’t mean that you don’t have quite a lot of stuff to work on. When someone makes a reservation you’re obliged to tell him/her that you have a dress code especially in 25 degrees per Celsius outside. Because it’s quite offensive to get kicked out because of your policy. You should definitely update your views on dressing and fashion and MOST of all on designer clothing. Because you wouldn’t let in people with clothes worth more than your average DAILY income just because you consider it sweatpants but rather let in people with cheap outworn shoes and jeans that get along with your policy. I guarantee you that in time this will reflect on your business for sure and most of all on your reputation. I don’t recommend this place. This isn’t professional service. Very disappointing.

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Meral Mutlu a month ago

I’ll tell you now how I just got kicked out of the Scene Bar! I brought my parents there on a Sunday afternoon at 2pm, under 21degrees to have some cocktails.. Called them to confirm if we could still get in even though we’re not guests at the hotel, and they said yes. Once we’re at the top, we were told that we have to leave due to dress code! Not a warning, but asked to leave! While I understand they have dress code, we were properly dressed, and it is normal for my dad to be wearing smart casual shorts - 2pm in the afternoon and 21degrees outside. I wouldn’t go to any Hyatt Regency from now on and wouldn’t suggest to anyone.. It is 2021, up your game and be open minded about people’s way of dressing up - specially tourists..

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Alexandra Masleva a month ago

Great view and atmosphere. Great service. However, the table they gave us was too small for 6 people. The cocktails and the desserts are mediocre at best.

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At The Scene it is all about being in the right place at the right time. It’s an unexpected, unscripted and spontaneous place of discovery where people are brought together in one place for the same reason - to share in the same experiences and have a sense of belonging.

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