Seafood Paella - Beach House Çoklu Mutfak Tarifleri , Park Hyatt Zanzibar:

Seafood Paella

A Raia Seafood Paella

  • 30 Min Hazırlanma zamanı
  • 30 Min Cooking time
  • 1 Porsiyon



  • Adım 1

    -cut Red Pepper In Piece And Cook In Olive Oil In Paella Pan - Clean Pepper And Keep - In The Same Oil Cook Squid Cutted In Small Piece Until Toasted With Tomato Grated - Keep They - In The Same Pan Toasted Rice With Prawns And Cigal - Add Tomato With Squid And Some Red Pepper Add Fish Stock And Some Saffron And Salt - Add Garlic Paste - Cook For 10 Min On Big Fire - Finish To Cook In Oven At 200' - Served Garnish With Lime Parsley And Garlic

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Beach House

Welcome To The Beach House Restaurant And Bar. The Ideal Place To Playfully Discover The Diverse History Of The Heritage City Of Stone Town, Zanzibar.

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