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Grand Hyatt Dubai

Experience a wide range of dining options by taking a culinary journey through the 13 award-winning restaurants and bars at Grand Hyatt Dubai, towering majestically over the edge of Dubai's historic Creek.

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Grand Hyatt Dubai restoranları

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Beat the heat with our Ais Kac...

Geçerli 31.08.2022

Design Your Own Menu

Geçerli 30.12.2022

Happy Hour

Geçerli 30.12.2022

Let's Beer

Geçerli 31.12.2022

Ahasees Spa & Club

At Ahasees Spa & Club, each treatment is derived from the ancient healing practices and blended with modern science and the understanding of bio-energy flow, encouraging techniques used to reach beyond their limitations to unwind and relax.

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"GBAC STAR™ FACILITY We care about your safety and wellbeing. Grand Hyatt Dubai is now GBAC STAR™ accredited. Find out more at" GBAC sertifikasyonu hakkında.