South-America inspired cocktail recipes | The Leaf and Cane


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Great atmosphere. Really fun night. Julian the barman was epic !

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Josephine Kwok

It’s really nice cocktail bar and it’s open till 1am🤭🤭🤭 you should come

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Umesh Dalal

A new bar right next to Blackfriars. absolutely love this place. Staff here are amazing, always welcomes you with a big cheer!! I love their cocktails especially the cellars outside (perfect if you are a cigar lover). I enjoy rum and this is one of the few places in London to stock my favourite selection !!

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James Goerke

I like this place. Good presentation on the cigar and the classic cocktails were nice. Excellent service.


  • Alkohol

  • Terrasse

  • Exklusive Vermietung

  • Happy Hour

  • Live Unterhaltung

Leaf & Cane, 19 New Bridge St, London EC4V 6DB, UK