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We tried the restaurant during our stay in the Hyatt hotel, and it was really worth it. We highly recommend the Shanghai noodles and the vegetable egg fried rice, the flavours are truly amazing. The service was very kind, despite the late hour. A pleasant experience, we will come back to taste some others courses.

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Keith San

Tried for the first time as didn’t fancy the crowds in Chinatown and take our time eating / chatting. Overall presentation was fantastic and booked Weekend Dim Sum (£19.99 for 3 items) which was good value considering it’s on the higher end. We added additional a la carte dishes too such as the Smoked peking duck with pancakes l, which was delicious and a good wow if you want to impress. Service was very attentive (they’re inside a 5* Hyatt too which helps). Special mention to Louis (sorry if I spelt name wrong), who described the dishes very well and was attentive but not overbearing. Would come back for sure.

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I. C.

A decent Chinese dim sum restaurant inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Classy decor and quite spacious. It is called Chinese Cricket Club, but there is nothing to do with the sports. We went in a Saturday afternoon. Surprisingly all the customers were Chinese and they all spoke Cantonese, which was a good sign for good Chinese food. You could choose any 3 dim sum from their lunch menu for approx £20. The taste of the dim sum was satisfactory in general. Not 100% authentic while they were very presentable, although the portion was really small. The fish dumplings looked cute but tasted bland. Dishes from the a la cart menu were more impressive. I recommended the stir fry beef noodles and the prawn fried rice. Service was very attentive. It would be perfect if there are more dim sum and tea options, as well as larger portion. Otherwise it is difficult to attract repeated business. Personally I urge to introduce pork siu mai into the menu (currently their siu mai is made of chicken).

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Peking duck is the best, according to my meat-eating family members. The rest of the dishes were average and not totally the authentic flavor. The dishes from our veggie set menu were really small portion and just OK. We were still hungry until the dessert, which was surprisingly bigger portion. But one of the dessert options we chose was not available because it was 'frozen' and would take too long to serve. I did love the food presentations, and the service was great. However, with 4 adults and 2 toddlers in our group, the bill came to £320 with just water and tea as beverage, no alcoholic drinks. It's definitely over priced.

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László Kohányi

Nice experience. Food quality is excellent. The service is attentive and professional. There are set menu options for two or four people or you can create your own set from individual orders.


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Chinese Cricket Club, 19 New Bridge St, London EC4V 6DB, UK