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Nitin Dangwal

I Like To Take Challenges In My Work And Do Hardwork And Smartwork To Get Guest Satisfaction And Repeat Business.

  • COMMI CHEF Regency Cafe • Hyatt Regency Thrissur
  • Тандыр • Специальность
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  • Страстный, творческий, Скромный • Кулинарный стиль

Интересные факты

I Have Worked With The Lalit Goa And Evoma Bangalore.
" Taste Of Home"
My Cousin Brother.
Because Its The Passion My Heart Called For And I Followed.
Omelette And Chicken Curry.
Love, Enthusiasm And Creativeness.
Garhwali Songs.
My Mother, Father And One Elder Sister.
I Want To Make The World Aware Of Garhwali Food Or Garhwali Cuisuine.
To Be Passionate About Cooking. Creating A Beautiful, Healthy, Delicious Meal. Your Dishes Are Your Creation, Your Own Expression… Your Masterpiece.

Regency Cafe

Regency Cafe Is An All-day Dining Restaurant Located At The Lobby Level, Offering A Varied Selection Of Local And International Cuisine.