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Asia Bar & Grill

Asya Restoran içinde City center Enjoy delectable dishes featuring Asian and European cuisines as diverse as they are authentic.

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    2 için ortalama fiyat • ₴ 1800
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St. Sophia Cathedral,St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery




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I’ve been to a lot of fancy restaurants and rooftop bars in Kiev and I have to admit this is my favorite place so far. First, the rooftop bar (The Bar on 8) is amazing, there are beautiful sunsets, then there’s some really good food and an excellent wine selection, very nice atmosphere and a lot of cool people there. Speaking of people, it’s not really the food or the wine that makes this place so special – it’s the people. The waitresses there are very intelligent (they can actually read your mind!) and have a great sense of humor (plus, they’re also nice to look at, which never hurts) - Katya, Valeria, and Diana really make this place special. The second review is for the Lobby lounge bar – it doesn’t have the same beautiful views as the rooftop, but it does have a cozy and classy atmosphere (transparent fireplace is very nice) plus some really amazing people. Irina (the waitress) is very smart, has a great sense of humor and a charming personality – also she cares a lot about her guests and always adds some nice personal touches. The bartenders there, Andrey and Alexey, are really good at what they do but most importantly they love to chat – I’ve had some of the most interesting conversations there. If you like to hang out around the bar and enjoy a nice conversation as you’re enjoying a great cocktail, this is the place I would definitely recommend. Cheers!

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Amal Hab 11 months ago

Loved the noodles with chicken and shrimp and sushi was great Good service but the order took long

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Ruslan Shtapir

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Asia Bar & Grill is a place with something for everyone, from the Sushi Bar, Indonesian fried noodles and the very popular Nasi Goreng to a seafood grill and oyster bar, as well as delicious ways to end your meal, such as our famous white chocolate cheesecake.

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