Reynaldo Cabellero

Hi there! You can call me Rey, and I'm from the Cebu, Philippines. I specialize in Asian, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine! Quite the cocktail!

  • Sous Chef Panini • Grand Hyatt Dubai
  • Bakery • Speciality
  • Also loves to Cook International
  • Passionate, Creative, Humble • Cooking Style

Good To Know

Possibly around Dubai or most likely at Panini!
Sure! 1) Emotion 2) Creativity 3) Modern and Unique
My mother has had the biggest impact on my life and career.
Back home in the Philippines, we have a passion for food! My family has their own business, and in order to keep the passion alive, I followed the one true thing that I love the most, apart from family - FOOD!
Home-cooked Pilipino food.
The right use of ingredients and no holding back
Cuban Music
My entire family lives back home in the Philippines
I love camping, but on my own! Being a chef is hard work and this just allows me to clear my head away from the kitchen and spend some quality alone time- which I don't get in the kitchen.
To be inspired and believe in what you do!

Recipes I like to cook


The Panini Limo

  • Servings
  • 2
  • 20 Min


This classic delicatessen offers a selection of speciality coffees, detox cleansers, home-made bread, sandwiches, pastries, and gelato.